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In 2007 Jefferson Parish was selected to participate in the US Department of Labor’s Multiple Education Pathways Blueprint (MEPB) project based on the school district’s low graduation rate and higher-than-average dropout rate. Ms. Millie Harris was selected as the Education Coordinator to spearhead the research efforts and to coordinate a coalition of leaders to aid in the development of a blueprint for creating multiple pathways for students to earn a high school credential, matriculate to college and careers, and become viable members of the workforce. JCFA was created based on the coalition’s recommendation to develop a non-traditional pathway that would allow students who had dropped out of school to return to the diploma track, and to offer at-risk students a more flexible option to earn a high school diploma.

JCFA opened Jefferson Parish’s first charter high school in August of 2010 under the direction of Executive Director Millie Harris and a well-positioned Board of Governance. The Type 1 campus is located on the West Bank campus and serves students who reside in Jefferson Parish. In 2012, BESE approved a single campus Type 2 charter high school to be located on the East Bank of Jefferson Parish to serve students from across the state.  After two years of documented success, BESE approved a second Type 2 charter campus site which opened on July 1, 2015.

  • JCFA graduates earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

    JCFA students earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

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