Board of Governance

Member Expectations Member ApplicationThe JCFA Board of Governance is responsible for ensuring that the academic program of JCFA is successful, that the school’s program and operations are faithful to the terms of its charter, and that the organization is viable. Each member serves a three-year term, and is responsible for actively participating in the JCFA Board of Governance and the life of the school. JCFA’s Board of Governance represents civic and business leaders from the communities represented by our student population. Our board members are advocates for JCFA’s core expectations and are ambassadors of JCFA’s mission.


JCFA Board of Governance

Eric E. Bosch, Treasurer

Richard Carpenter

Cameron Christy

Glenn Hayes

David Magee, Jr., Chair

Peggy Mendoza

John Overby

Brandon Rapp

Brad Rine, Secretary

John “Jack” Wiles

Ralph Wall, Vice Chair

If you are interested in becoming a member of the JCFA Board of Directors, please fill out the application linked below, and email it to Executive Director Millie Harris at

Link to application for potential members

Link to member expectations

CLICK HERE to access JCFA’s Board on Track portal.

  • JCFA graduates earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

    JCFA students earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

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