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Pat Blanchard

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Pat Blanchard brings 40 years of educational experience to JCFA. ¬†During this time she was a teacher, an Educational Diagnostician, Supervisor of Pupil Appraisal,...   Read More

Kimberly W. Culpepper

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I am Kimberly W. Culpepper, the Attendance/Office Manager at JCFA West Bank Campus. I have been with JCFA since before we opened on our...   Read More

Jourdan Cook

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Jourdan Cook is a life-long St. Bernard Parish resident, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of New Orleans. She...   Read More

Martha Claire Breland

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Martha Claire Breland began her relationship with JCFA as a social work intern in 2013 while in graduate school at Tulane University. She is...   Read More

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