Chaun H. Fleury, MSW

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WB Student Success Chaun

Ms. Chaun joined JCFA in August of 2012 as the JAG instructor and transitioned seven months later to the Student Success Coordinator. Her duties are similar to that of a Counselor, Registrar, and Test Coordinator all rolled into one.

She received her Master of Social Work from Southern University at New Orleans and has over twelve years of experience in the field of Education, serving both the private and public school sectors.

Ms. Chaun is a Social Worker by profession and a non-traditional education advocate, but also a mother of SIX. She has an undeniable passion for working with children, youth, and families and believes that every student, regardless of circumstance, has the ability to be successful.

She quite often reminds her students that she has the same expectations academically and socially as she does for her own. Ms. Chaun appreciates every opportunity she has to make a difference in the lives of her students as she feels that they are an extension of her family.


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