JCFA believes that all students, especially non-traditional students, are capable of excelling academically when given the support services they need to focus on their academic goals. JCFA students take responsibility for their educations. JCFA faculty and staff provide an environment of mutual respect where students can focus on academics without the distractions found in traditional educational models. The diversity of our student body is one of our essential strengths, and JCFA Schools encourage a community of understanding and respect.

JCFA schools offer a culture of understanding and mutual respect.


JCFA’s mission is to provide a learning environment that allows our students to develop their potential; to prepare our students for post-secondary education and/or the work force; and collaborate with community agencies, organizations, and institutions to meet our students’ needs.



  • All students, especially at-risk students, are capable of excelling academically when given the support services they need to focus on their academic goals.
  • Provide an innovative education for students who are unable to function successfully in a traditional high school and allow students to achieve at their own pace.
  • Academic success should not be limited to what is taught in a classroom, but must encourage and include life experiences and hands-on learning to help develop the whole student.
  • Relevance and rigor must exist in practice as well as in policy and should include academic ideas as well as personal practices.
  • Education is not a point in time but a continued journey that requires access, support, and commitment.
  • The transition between secondary education and post-secondary education, training, and employment must be streamlined through partnerships between education and business.
  • Focus on individual needs and create success one student at a time.

Positive Behavioral Intervention Support (PBIS)

Student safety and support is essential to the JCFA environment. We believe that prevention works better than punishment in establishing a supportive and safe community. Students are more likely to succeed if they given clear expectations, then rewarded for achievement. JCFA schools facilitate this environment via Positive Behavioral Intervention Support, or PBIS. PBIS is a rewards system based on positive reinforcement. Our goal is to establish a nurturing, positive school climate based on mutual respect and kindness.

JCFA Core Expectations

Be kind.

Follow directions.

Be prepared.

Don’t waste time.

Maintain a clean environment.

Wear proper attire.

Be open and honest in communicating your emotional, physical, and educational needs.

These expectations provide a basic behavioral framework for positive behavior. Clear guidelines and our low student to teacher ratios assist in preventing problems before they occur.

Part of our PBIS is the understanding that students may require external motivations to help students achieve the goal of graduation. JCFA rewards students in the form of JCFA Cash, in-school money that can be used to buy uniforms and snacks during breaks. Students earn gift cards for credit attainment and exemplary attendance. Faculty and staff host family events to celebrate students’ personal and academic successes. Students develop motivation through these positive rewards and experiences, and JCFA helps to foster our students’ dignity and self-respect.

  • JCFA graduates earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

    JCFA students earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

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