JCFA students learn in a blended learning environment. Graduates earn a Louisiana high school diploma on completion of our flexible, student-focused program. Classrooms feature online instruction delivered and supported by in-class teachers and tutors. JCFA puts great emphasis on providing a small student-to-faculty ratio in the classroom (10:1). The online curriculum is offered in a traditional model of learning: students attend three classes a day, Monday through Friday, in classrooms with other students. Tutors support students and teachers on individual projects, lessons, and tests. JCFA students attend classes year round but have the freedom “to bank time,” spending an additional two hours each day to complete requirements faster or to schedule time off.

The JCFA model allows students to work at their own pace. Teachers and tutors provide direct, individual attention to support students’ learning, ensuring that students progress only when they have mastered the material. Classroom faculty offer assistance with difficult concepts and deepen students’ understanding through discussion, assignments, and projects.

JCFA Online Curriculum via Edgenuity

JCFA teachers and tutors support students as they work through the Edgenuity online curriculum.


Through Edgenuity, our online curriculum, students have access to hundreds of classes. From Physics to Fine Arts, there are enough course options to meet every student’s graduation requirements. Classes are never full and students never have to wait for a class to be offered to earn the credits they need. Edgenuity can be accessed from anywhere where there is internet, on androids, tablets, PCs, and iPhones. While attendance is mandatory, students have the option to complete work from home. Dedicated students can earn a high school diploma in less time than in a traditional classroom.

Edgenuity is aligned to Common Core State Standards as well as Louisiana GLEs where applicable, and features a wide variety of instructional materials to help teachers customize lessons to fit the individual needs of each student.

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Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG)

JCFA proudly participates in JAG-LA, Jobs for America’s Graduates-Louisiana. JAG-LA is an affiliate of the National Jobs for America’s Graduates Program (JAG), the nation’s largest dropout prevention and recovery program serving youth 12-21 years of age. JAG-LA provides an educational setting that promotes academic and skills attainment, civic responsibility, leadership development and social awareness that is necessary to become a responsible citizen and productive worker.

JAG-LA delivers a unique set of services for students with major obstacles to help them earn a high school diploma. The program also supports students’ pursuing a Career Diploma through early experiences in foundational career skills and career awareness. Many elements of the JAG-LA Program that support Jump Starrt include curriculum, mentoring, and work-based learning.

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Dual Enrollment

Students who are close to graduating may elect to participate in Dual Enrollment. JCFA partners with Delgado Community College to transition our students into higher education. Graduating seniors may take up to two classes at Delgado while completing degree requirements at no cost to the student. JCFA provides transportation, book fees, and school fees.

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Academics are only one part of the JCFA experience. In addition to classroom education, JCFA offers extra-curriculars and after-school enrichment clubs such as running, art, garden, and drama. Our students tour college campuses, attend performances, and visit job sites. Guest speakers and mentors offer presentations on careers, justice and civil rights, and health and wellness. JCFA sponsors holiday celebrations, picnics, and crawfish boils. Students are encouraged to participate in community service and volunteer programs in their communities.

Test Prep

Throughout the school year, students are given the opportunity for one-on-one tutoring for the tests they need to graduate, attend college, and/or pursue a trade.  During the school day and after school, students may receive extra help in preparing for the ACT, EOCs, and Work Keys.  We also offer help with resumes and school applications.

Additional Supports:

In addition to academic supports, JCFA employs licensed social workers and partners with community health supports to provide students with access to a variety of social services.

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  • JCFA graduates earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

    JCFA students earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

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