JCFA’s mission is to provide a non-traditional approach to earning a high school diploma in a safe and nurturing learning environment. Our mission comes to fruition when our students complete Louisiana’s requirements for graduation. JCFA is unique in that our students earn credits at their own pace, thus affording them the opportunity to graduate on any day of the year. We celebrate our students’ successes during two graduation ceremonies each year. Graduates of JCFA receive a state diploma and have the opportunity to earn college credit through dual enrollment and/or CLEP testing, and may be eligible for college scholarships including TOPS and TOPS Tech.


JCFA East Graduates Spring 2016

Because our students work at their own pace, JCFA offers graduation ceremonies in both the Spring and Fall semesters.

Click here to see photos from the JCFA East Winter 2016 Graduation

JCFA’s History of Success

  • Enrolled and served over 700 at-risk students (8th-12th grade) previously disengaged from the high school diploma track.
  • Graduated over 200 students, and supported over one third of the graduates with their transition to post-secondary institutions including Delgado, Nicholls, and LSU.
  • Provided students with the opportunity to become active in the community generating over 2,100 hours of community service.
  • Worked with WYES to highlight the dropout crisis in Jefferson Parish and the surrounding areas, and served as the focus program in WYES’ American Graduates series.
  • Increased student achievement as the only dropout recovery high school open to all students in Louisiana.
  • JCFA has raised over $500,000 in contributions from foundations, corporate giving, and community donations.
  • JCFA graduates earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

    JCFA students earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

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