JCFA Announces Winter 2015 Graduates

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JCFA East is pleased to announce its winter 2015 graduates. On December 16, 2015, the following 11 students received their high school diploma:

  • Nicholas David Bernal
  • Abigail Claire Breaux
  • Shane Matthew Coatney
  • Anisha Irene Durio
  • Shane Olivia Fitzpatrick
  • Kayli Eliana Kennedy
  • Renan Desouza Marques
  • Anthony Bernard Muller
  • Rodney John Monnerjahn III
  • Jeremy Anthony Randazzo
  • Debbie Dayanara Recarte

JCFA East is a 9th through 12th grade Type 2 BESE approved non-traditional charter school located in Old Jefferson. JCFA East’s enrollment is open to all high school-age Louisiana residents.

JCFA’s mission is to provide a learning environment that allows our students to develop their potential; to prepare our students for post-secondary education and/or the work force; and collaborate with community agencies, organizations, and institutions to meet our students’ needs.

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