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JCFA has a Youth Run NOLA team on both campuses. Youth Run is a non-profit organization that supports students across the greater New Orleans region become more active and more health conscious. “We create and empower a community of healthy, young leaders through running, with an intensive eight-month guided training program of twice weekly practices and monthly events overseen by teacher-coaches and volunteer running buddies. Our program combats the obstacles facing our youth – many of whom cope with unsafe, unhealthy, and unsupportive circumstances – with positive, structured after-school engagement.” No matter if you are an experienced track and field runner or have not run in years, JCFA and Youth Run are open to all students at every level. We focus at practices and during races on the following four pillars: Community, Health, Endurance, and Joy. For more information, please contact Taylor Collins (JCFA West) at taylor.collins@jcfa.co or Kenneth Robichaux (JCFA East) at kenneth.robichaux@jcfa.us.

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