JCFA Thanksgiving 2015

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At JCFA, we value the opportunity to share moments of celebration with our students, and the holidays are one of many ways we are able to do that. This year, like every year, we celebrated another special Thanksgiving together! Each faculty and staff member volunteered their own time and finances to prepare a dish, which made for an amazing feast. Some of the items on the menu included shrimp pasta, dirty rice, honey baked ham, sweet potatoes, and even a vegan friendly dish!

Before enjoying the meal, we gave some of the faculty, staff, and students the chance to share with everyone something they were thankful for. This year one of the students was thankful to see former JCFA English tutor, Ana Maria, who took time out of her busy schedule to come visit students. Among the other guests joining the celebration were JCFA alumni, community partners, and JCFA Board members. Some of the alumni who attended were Chance Edwards, who brought two delicious cakes, Keenan Artigos, Kaleigh Alexander, and Davina Carter.

Opportunities like our Thanksgiving celebration help to us to create a family-like environment and culture that values and supports the individuals who are a part of this special place.

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