Lisa T. Brown

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Lisa T. Brown has always had a passion for science and mathematics and loves introducing her students to the joys of learning. She began her teaching career in 2004 with New Orleans Public Schools and has been Mathematics Faculty with the University of Phoenix since 2011. Raised in New Orleans, she completed all of her education there as well. Lisa earned a B.S. degree in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics, in 1998 from Southern University of New Orleans and worked as a chemist for six years prior to teaching. After completing her undergraduate degree, Lisa lived in Atlanta for three years, where she worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Georgia Department of Natural Resources as an Analytical Chemist. Lisa returned to New Orleans in 2002 and began her teaching career shortly afterwards. After making the transition to teaching, Lisa earned a Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree from Xavier University in 2009. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys reading and traveling with her family. Her life is shared with three great children and a cat.

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