Ryan Aucoin

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ryan-aucoinRyan Aucoin began his time with JCFA in the spring of 2013 as a volunteer. As a New Orleans Police Department Homicide Investigator, Ryan had limited positive interactions with the youth of the metro region and sought to change that with JCFA. From day one, Ryan learned that with a little understanding and a lot of love, the students of JCFA could make a positive impact on his life as well as their own. Ryan shares his time between both the East and West Bank campus serving as the facilities manager and doing his part in providing the students, faculty and staff with a safe and nurturing environment to excel. During his limited down time, Ryan enjoys spending time fishing, anything geared to the outdoors, welding and spending as much time with his two beautiful children. Ryan envisions a country full of schools like JCFA where as many students as possible can earn their high school diplomas and become productive members of our society.


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